Global Service Provider

Your money knows no border-Neither do we

Global Risk Map

Whether your debtor is in Chicago or China we have the experience, knowledge and global presence to help you quickly recover your money.

Most agencies need to forward international claims to a third party to collect. The agency simply marks up the fee and “hands off” the claim to the international service provider. The agency collects a fee for doing nothing more than shuffling some paper work.

At The LaSource Group, we created international resources that work solely in concert with our organization to offer a service level second to none in the international market place. Our best practices approach is implemented in over 97 countries and offers our clients higher liquidity rates unparalleled to our competition.

In-House Attorney Collections: Legal Collections without Legal Action


Increase Recoveries and Avoid Litigation Fees

For accounts that do not qualify for litigation either because of the account balance, circumstances, or customer policy, collections through the use of both legal collection letters and phone contacts made by an attorney’s office can motivate debtors to resolve their outstanding issues. Attorney Collections provide proactive attorney collection letters and telephone demands as an escalation to 3rd Party efforts. We have tenured relationships with leading Creditors Rights Law Firms across the country. Our Litigation Management includes the oversight by our legal process experts to assist in the management of accounts forwarded to attorneys

Skilled Collection Negotiators


Our certified collection specialists bring a robust and imaginative approach to collecting your debt. When negotiating, we are not limited by a lack of imagination. We are able to resolve any legitimate dispute or reason for delay and create workable solutions to recover your money. Collections generally consist of debtor companies mailing their checks to us or directly to our clients. However, given unique situations or requirements, payment or satisfaction of a debt may require imagination and expertise, i.e., accelerated payment arrangements, wire transfers, trades/returns with re-stocking fees, stock transfers for payment, etc. We have the experience and talent needed to recover your money. That means faster liquidity and higher resolution percentages on each collection.

Collections on Saturday

52 More Opportunities to Collect Your Money


Is your Agency Sleeping on the Job?

Most agencies in fact are closed on Saturday leaving the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of dollars to go uncollected.

At The LaSource Group, Saturday is a working day. Our collectors are on the phone collecting money for our clients. In fact, many Saturdays have shown to be the highest collection volume day of the week. That means more recoveries and faster cash flow for our clients.

Bi-Monthly Remittance


Most agencies remit every 30 days and depending on when the check clears it could take 60 days to get your money. We have found some agencies that never remit.

In addition to being a fully licensed and bonded in every region in which we operate, The LaSource Group has one of the fastest remit policies in our industry. We remit to our clients on the 7th and 21st of every month through the safety and security of PNC Bank. Furthermore, The LaSource Group holds the distinction of being SAS-70 Type II certified to ensure total fiduciary accountability through certified third party audits.