Our Fiduciary Responsibility is to Our Clients

After traditional collection efforts fail, attorney collection services can help generate recoveries. These services offered by The LaSource Group often enable you to avoid, or reduce dramatically, the time and expense of local litigators and court costs.

Increase Recoveries While Avoiding Court Cost and Litigation Fees

If litigation is required, The LaSource Group uses a proven formula of success that includes a sound fiduciary responsibility to you our client with each case. At The LaSource Group, we realize that litigation can be costly and time consuming. Each case has its own persona and our legal professionals perform detailed asset and liability searches prior to suit to determine the best course of action.
Over the years, we have built a network of collection attorneys that are knowledgeable and local to your debtor’s particular jurisdiction. We have the experience and knowledge to counsel our clients through the legal system quickly and efficiently to recover your money. Every legal file is bonded up to $3.5 million dollars for our client’s protection. These attorneys specialize in commercial collection law and adhere to the strict code of ethics set forth by the Commercial Law League of America. We advise our clients through every step of the legal process and provide timely updates for each case. Our history of working with the attorney networks allow for seamless communications on each case.