Key Business Ratios

The 14 most widely used financial ratios. These specific measures of business performance provide significant insights into a company’s financial condition, based on its performance compared to others in its industry. The Key Business Ratios used in Customized Information Systems & Services include more than 8oo lines of business segmented by up to 15 asset… Read more »

Bankruptcy Terms You Should Know

503(b)(9) CLAIM (Twenty (20) Day Administrative Claim) 503(b)(9) adds a new section for administrative claims for reclaiming creditors that is limited to the value of the goods received by the debtor in the ordinary course of business within 20 days before filing. ABANDONMENT A process by which the court releases property from its control. This… Read more »

Summary of collection Laws

Learn more about Collection Laws in each state as well as exemptions for federal law over state law. Federal Garnishment Exemption: Federal Law exempts from garnishment 75% of disposable earnings per week, or an amount equal to 30 times Federal Minimum Hourly Wage, whichever is greater. Some states laws still on the books are listed… Read more »