Intelligent Intervention

Accounts Receivable Management Services

The LaSource Group provides best-in-class outsourced solutions that accelerate cash flow for hundreds of the world’s leading companies. By turning to The LaSource Group to help intervene with at risk customers, our clients can optimize working capital while protecting their brand and maintaining customer loyalty.

1st Party Commercial Recovery

Using Science to Recover Revenue and Preserve Customers

The LaSource Group provides 1st Party Commercial Collections for some of the world’s best-known brands. These companies trust us to intervene, in their name, at a critical point in the customer life cycle:  when a customer in good standing is at the early stage of delinquency. At The LaSource Group, we believe this delicate interaction must be handled with care, intelligence, and a long-term view of the lifetime value of the customer. As our client, we will work closely with you to create a fully customized first party campaign that may consist of live phone calls, letters, email and voice broadcasts to increase recovers while preserving your brand and customers.

3rd Party Commercial Recovery

Business Analytics-Drive Performance with State of the Art Compliance

The LaSource Group helps accelerate cash flow and optimize the working capital for multiple industries representing commercial clients globally. Our unique business model uses leading edge data analytics to produce measureable bottom line results for our clients.

Certified Collection Professionals

Our certified collection professionals have a minimum of 15 years of commercial collection experience and expertise to handle any case. Our group uses state-of-the-art technologies and industry specific proprietary methods in perfecting the accounts receivable management process. We assist our clients by accelerating their cash flow and improving their debt recovery ratio.

We offer a pre-placement consultation without cost or obligation. If you decide to use our third party recovery service and your claim is worked by an industry specialist who has the knowledge and experience to gain quick resolution of the debt. We offer a bi-monthly remit policy on the 7th and 21st of every month so your money is back in your cash-flow cycle as soon as possible. Our goal is to partner with our clients through every step of the credit and collections process providing detailed timely reports and updates for every account.

More Than Likely We Have Experience with Your Debtor

When we receive a new placement, there is up to a 60% chance we can match the account with a historical record.  This experience is incredibly valuable in customizing the right intervention steps to collect the debt. This allows our group to improve 3rd party collections and retention effectiveness through the ability to segment accounts based on transactional history and tailored treatment strategies. Since there is a 60% chance we have a history on the debtor we can customize a specific action plan to collect the debt. Our strategic approach equates to higher liquidity for our clients.

Bi-Monthly Remittance

The LaSource Group has one of the fastest remit policies in our industry. We remit to our clients on the 7th and 21st of every month through the safety and security of PNC Bank. Furthermore, The LaSource Group holds the distinction of being SAS-70 Type II certified to ensure total fiduciary accountability through certified third party audits.


The LaSource Group will report back to you in 15 days or less with a check or current status of your account(s). In addition, we provide our clients with 24/7 cloud based web access to our collection notes and monthly status reports.

Accounts Receivable Management Consulting

Expert Advice on Domestic or International Credit and Collections

We can help you put together a credit policy to improve cash flow and reduce bad debt and DSO.  Who are your slowest payers? How do you keep on top of your existing customer base so that you know which of your customers are your highest risk? We can also help you expand your business overseas. Going global can increase your sales volume significantly.  What are the risks of doing business internationally?  What terms should I extend to international customers?  We help the credit and collection community every day and we can help your company navigate through the most difficult domestic and international issues.

Attorney Collection Services

Increase Recoveries While Avoiding Court Cost and Litigation Fees

After traditional collection efforts fail, attorney collection services can help generate recoveries. These services offered by The LaSource Group often enable you to avoid, or reduce dramatically, the time and expense of local litigators and court costs.

Our Fiduciary Responsibility to Our Clients

If litigation is required, The LaSource Group uses a proven formula of success that includes a sound fiduciary responsibility to you our client with each case. At The LaSource Group, we realize that litigation can be costly and time consuming. Each case has its own persona and our legal professionals perform detailed asset and liability searches prior to suit to determine the best course of action.

Over the years, we have built a network of collection attorneys that are knowledgeable and local to your debtor’s particular jurisdiction. We have the experience and knowledge to counsel our clients through the legal system quickly and efficiently to recover your money. Every legal file is bonded up to $3.5 million dollars for our client’s protection. These attorneys specialize in commercial collection law and adhere to the strict code of ethics set forth by the American Lawyers Quarterly and the Commercial Law League of America. We advise our clients through every step of the legal process and provide timely updates for each case. Our history of working with the attorney networks allow for seamless communications on each case.

Bankruptcy Services

Auto Alert

Our unique Bankruptcy Auto Alert program can protect your entire commercial accounts receivable portfolio. No longer do you have to wait days or weeks from the courts to find out you customers have filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in stopped shipments and recovered goods in transit with our timely notifications. To learn more or to sign up for a free trial call 888-295-1799.

Letter Series

Customer Tailored Solution Designed around Your Needs

Our letter demand service is designed to get the intent of the debtor to pay promptly. Using the demand series at the right time will accelerate your cash flow and dramatically improve your recovery rate.

Cost effective and flexible, a letter series of accelerated payment demands are mailed to the debtor on The LaSource Group stationary from our corporate office. The FDCPA-compliant text prompts debtors to send their payment directly to our clients.

The program is based on a flat fee basis. The cost, which covers handling, postage and mailing, varies according to the number of files placed and the number of letters sent per file. Contact a business consultant to design a customized solution to fulfill your company’s needs.